No Minimum, Fast Turn-around, Thermal Printing!

Sadly, our site was hacked in late 2011 and I haven't
managed to bring back all the bells and whistles, but
this service is definitely still alive and well, as a way
to help others looking for good quality & low prices!

I'm located on Oahu...
Aiea, HI to be exact.

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Our services are perfect for smaller runs... plus, it's fast and looks WAY better than anything made at home, no doubt about it!

For questions, send an e-mail to Jason --
or call/text 808-255-7040 in the evenings (between 5pm and 8pm is best) or weekends.


Duplication Options / Pricing Structure:

We have several choices to fit your needs... Please read this section carefully...

Option One: We provide blank CDR, Burn CDR, Print Top of CDR (text only), Provide a standard 'Jewel Case'
Option Two: We provide blank CDR, Burn CDR, Print Top of CDR (text only), Provide a 'Slim Jewel Case'
Option Three: We provide blank CDR, Burn CDR, Print Top of CDR (text only), Provide a thin white Sleeve.
Option Four: We provide blank CDR, Burn CDR , Print Top of CDR (text only), No packaging.
Option Five: We provide blank CDR, Burn CDR, No printing, No packaging.

Match up options below with the Length of your master recording:
1 - 19
20 - 44
45 - 74
75 - 80
1. Blank CDR, Burn CDR, Print text*, Provide CDR in a Standard Jewel Case. (Clear cover/black back)
2. Blank CDR, Burn CDR, Print text*, Provide CDR in a 'Slim' Jewel Case. (Clear cover/black back)
3. Blank CDR, Burn CDR, Print text*, Provide CDR in a white Paper or Tyvek Sleeve.


4. Blank CDR, Burn CDR , Print text*, No packaging.
5. Blank CDR, Burn CDR, No printing, No packaging.
$ .75

Example: master CD with 8 songs lasting 34 minutes would be Length of Master = 20 to 44 minutes on the above chart.
(If you wanted option two (a burn, print, and paper sleeve)... the price per copy would be $1.75)

* = See printing details below.

Provide and print top of a CDR only? No duplication needed?   We can do that.
Cost --- Orders of 50 or more = $1.25 each   /   35to49 = $1.50 each   /   20to34 = $1.75 each   /   1to19 = $2.00 each
Included in the charge is a silver/silver cdr with up to three lines of text (black ink on silver surface) and set-up

Printing Information:
Up to three (3) short lines of text are included in the rates above. Please add 25 cents per disc, per additional line of text.
No discount for choosing less than 3 lines.

We use a thermal printer that does a great job with text, but it struggles with graphics, so... we offer text-only printing.
Further, the design for the top MUST be done in my office. I can't use your design if you make one...
Again, you cannot bring it ready-made, I must do it with a special software, and it looks BEST when the design is TEXT only.

Don't get me wrong, the printing looks AWESOME when it's text, but not so good with a graphic/photo so I need you to work with text only.

Please supply JUST the wording and any layout preferences for us to use... not a full design, just the following:
1. What you want printed and where you want it placed is all I need, you can do it on a napkin...
2. Providing the name of the font you'd like me to use helps (if you can supply it also, even better!)

NOTE: We can only print with black words onto the silver surface, nothing can touch the inner or outer edges, and printing cannot be inversed.

Here's a sample of the black on silver:

The real thing looks WAY better
than this photograph though.



Additional Information:


Data Files verses Audio Files:

We can duplicate both types of files.
Pricing: 9MB of data is roughly one minute.


Volume Discounts / Turnaround Time:

Volume Discounts do apply if you want to order in bulk... but there is no minimum order requirement so order as many or as few as you want!

Deduct 10 cents for data transfer orders involving 225 - 349 discs. (done in 1-3 days).
Deduct 20 cents for data transfer orders involving 350 - 599 discs. (done in 2-4 days).
Deduct 25 cents for data transfer orders involving 600 - 799 discs. (done in 3-5 days).
Deduct 30 cents for data transfer orders involving 800 discs or more. (done in 4-6 days).

If you feel the need for a whole bunch at once (1,000 minimum) you'll get a better deal from a mainland factory that presses traditional CD's... write for more details!


Inserts / Traycards:

Sorry, we do not print inserts for jewel cases or any of our other packaging options.
That would subject us to proofing the test prints, making judgement calls, etc. and that sort of thing is best left to the client.

Recommended Dimensions for designing Inserts / Traycards:
Front Insert: 4.76" x 4.76" (or for more panels, 4.76" x 9.52 folded in half).
Traycard: 4.66" x 5.5" (longer because of the side panels and shorter to fit jewel case).

Inserts for Jewel Case orders can be packaged/hand-inserted (if provided by the client) for an extra $ .25 each.
You could of course do this yourself and save some funds, but either way, you need to print inserts on your own.



Need something mailed?   No problem, but we'll ask that you pick up the added cost for shipping & handling.



Cash, Money Orders, Paypal, and Credit Cards are all okay. Personal checks are too if you can wait until it clears.
For credit cards: Remind me let you know your total and how to make a payment from home via


Duplication Equipment:

Multi-Disc Tower Burner (Purchased at a cost of $1,500.00)

Rimage Brand Perfect Image Thermal CD Printer (Purchased at a cost of $2,800.00)
Note: It's awesome... it's not a lame sticker, and it's not an ink-jet printer!

BarTender Brand Design Software (Thermal Printing of CD surfaces)

High-Quality Blank CDR Media (unblemished Silver top)


For questions, send an e-mail to Jason --